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Don't assume wisdom comes with age
Bryan Sanderson knows all about diversity: he heads an international bank, the UK's best-known private health company and a premier league football club to boot. In this video he reminds us of the imp....

Bryan Sanderson
3:30 mins
Communicate your strategy clearly
Sanjiv Ahuja, the man who led IBM's entry into the telecommunications software industry, is both a strong leader and at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in a rapidly changing sector. Watch as ....


Sanjiv Ahuja
3:16 mins
Solve problems not symptoms
Mix heavyweight business leader with forward-thinking acumen. Add Chairman roles at Kingfisher, Whitbread and Geest and you've got Sir John Banham's recipe for business success. Sir John Banham cautio....

Sir John Banham
2:20 mins
Human capital is the basis for competitive advantage
Warren Bennis is one of the nation's pre-eminent authorities on organisational development, leadership, and change, a role that enables him to fulfil a lifelong goal of serving as an author and teache....

Warren Bennis
4:19 mins
Motivation through communication
What Sir George Bull doesn't know about the food and drink sector after more than 40 years in the business probably isn't worth knowing. He suggests that sometimes a parody can be more effective as a ....

Sir George Bull
5:09 mins
No brand is immortal
As former chair of the BBC Board of Governors, Sir Christopher Bland is used to meeting challenges head-on and utilizing his unique mix of expertise and experience in a fast-paced industry. Here he ex....

Sir Christopher Bland
5:16 mins
Overcoming obstacles
Your attitude to obstacles is important. Cobra Beer's CEO Karan Bilimoria shows how you can win through by always looking for ways to turn obstacle into opportunity. He is the legendary entrepreneur w....

Lord Bilimoria
4:43 mins
Recruit for will rather than skill
Karan Bilimoria shares the benefits of hiring the one with the can-do attitude and passes on tips for creating a fertile environment for such people. He is the legendary entrepreneur who risked it all....

Lord Bilimoria
3:39 mins
Unlocking potential
There is little Sir David Bell doesn't know about managing people in the cut-throat world of modern media. It's his passion for getting the best out of those he works with that has helped sustain a gr....

Sir David Bell
3:38 mins
Dealing with negative behaviour in the workplace
Business in the Community's CEO John Cleverdon shares some insights into handling a problem every leader eventually has to face and doing it effectively.

Julia Cleverdon
5:07 mins
Focus on what really matters
IT entrepreneur, former Director General of the IoD and now Chair of the Design Council - George Cox is a corporate chameleon with a unique skillset honed over a varied and strong career. He argues th....

Sir George Cox
3:50 mins
Involve your people
People leader Stephen Dando has successfully surfed the waves of change in some of the world's biggest and best-known organisations, including the BBC, Guinness and Diageo. The BBC's People Director s....

Stephen Dando
5:18 mins
Recruit talent not experience
Don Cruickshank is renowned from public to private sector as an efficient operator who has left his mark on organisations from the National Health Service to Virgin to OFTEL. Experience and requisite ....

Don Cruickshank
4:01 mins
The front line is the bottom line
Straight-talking Julia Cleverdon has used her background and experience in industrial relations to take corporate social responsibility out of the back rooms and into the boardrooms. Engaging the peop....

Julia Cleverdon
6:25 mins
Tough conversations
Every leader has to know how to steer a misfiring team back on track. Stephen Dando shares his insights into handling difficult situations. People leader Stephen Dando has successfully surfed the wave....

Stephen Dando
4:41 mins
Building brand awareness
Serial entrepreneur Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has become one of the UK's best-loved business faces. His easyGroup has democratised air travel, the internet and cruising by mixing canny marketing with i....

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou
2:15 mins
Cultivate leaders at all levels
After spending forty years in the aircraft and transport industry, Sir Richard Evans has unparalleled knowledge of successful strategies and leadership in these fundamental sectors. Here he implores m....

Sir Richard Evans
3:34 mins
Don't over detail
Colin Day's keen financial mind and direct approach have driven the financial strategies of internationally renowned companies such as Reckitt Benckiser, Aegis Group and easyJet. The devil is in the d....

Colin Day
3:11 mins
Exceed expectations
Peter Ellwood followed a blue-chip path from his days at TSB to his current position atop chemical colossus ICI, always focusing on the need for strong leadership and a passion to develop your people.....

Peter Ellwood
3:01 mins
Process improvement
Don't just preach achievement, attain it. Sir John Egan encourages leaders to clearly state their goals, then improve the processes of attaining those goals by empowering people to achieve them. Sir J....

Sir John Egan
4:52 mins
The person on the ground knows best
The people at the top don't know everything. To find out what can truly be achieved, Sir Richard Evans suggests it's best to solicit advice from the people in the trenches. After spending forty years ....

Sir Richard Evans
4:34 mins
Beware of optimistic forecasts
The man voted 'Travel Personality of the Year' by his industry brought his dynamic leadership methods to every aspect of managing and growing the Hilton Group. People are natural optimists and this wi....

Sir David Michels
3:11 mins
Get senior management to experience your challenges
One of the top women in private banking, Mel Lagomasino has a career that spans more than 30 years, one that she has loved since day one and one in which taking great risks helped her to reap great re....

Mel Lagomasino
3:10 mins
Good leaders need to be good teachers
One of the best ways to broaden the experiences of junior staff is to have senior leaders teach what they've learned. Gill Rider shows that by doing this, organisations not only show how important tea....

Gill Rider
4:13 mins
How to let people go
A distinguished and diverse career in the utilities industry has given John Roberts valuable insights into the process of change and the dynamics of leadership. Terminating an individual, notes John R....

John Roberts
5:08 mins
Listening to customers
He grew Tesco from a minnow to a giant and then chaired the world's number two wireless phone services provider. Lord MacLaurin's experience and succession planning skills are unrivaled. A good relati....

Lord MacLaurin
3:58 mins
Make or break decisions
Michael Jackson is a man who knows how to spot an early stage business opportunity. His entrepreneurial spirit enabled the Sage Group to grow into a giant of the computing industry and has recently ta....

Michael Jackson
5:27 mins
Prepare thoroughly and know your audience
Harvard Business School's Rosabeth Moss Kanter is a prolific author feted for her guidance to corporations and governments alike, where her work on strategy, innovation and leadership has been a sourc....

Rosabeth Moss Kanter
4:53 mins
Putting business interests above personalities
A veteran of the financial field, Sir Peter Middleton has gained unique and valuable experiences working alongside Margaret Thatcher, and put his elder statesman capabilities to good use at Barclays. ....

Sir Peter Middleton
4:14 mins
Repeat your message simply and consistently
Sir Michael Rake was determined that the business world should learn the lessons of Enron. So the staunch advocate of responsible business is taking KPMG forward with strong leadership and a drive for....

Sir Michael Rake
4:54 mins
Risk innovation
A passion for managing his people and developing leaders is what has made Neil Holloway tick as he has risen through the ranks of one of the world's most successful companies. Balancing innovative ide....

Neil Holloway
4:46 mins
The business case for gender diversity
Formerly an Accenture lifer who championed diversity issues at the firm, Gill's experience and insights across these important aspects of business are similarly valued at the Cabinet Office. The more ....

Gill Rider
5:05 mins
Trust is the key to winning business
Formerly an Accenture lifer who championed diversity issues at the firm, Gill's experience and insights across these important aspects of business are similarly valued at the Cabinet Office. One of th....

Gill Rider
2:53 mins
Follow it up
He's best known to the public as the tough-talking, take-no-prisoners star of I'll Show Them Who's Boss. But behind his TV persona lie thirty years of business know-how. If people work their socks off....

Sir Gerry Robinson
3:42 mins
Invest time in building teams
Paul Skinner's forty years of experience in the extractive industries make him a force to be reckoned with. He's a man who knows a thing or two about international business. A good team of people is a....

Paul Skinner
5:33 mins
Letting people go
KPMG heavy-hitter Lord Sharman brings a wealth of experience to his current role as Chairman of Aegis, and has learned a valuable thing or two about developing people over his career. Letting go of st....

Lord Sharman
2:40 mins
The legendary and well-loved founder of The Body Shop's policies of fair trade and corporate social responsibility were way ahead of her time; her lessons are just as far-sighted. One of the problems ....

Dame Anita Roddick
3:18 mins
Attention to detail
From a wire-works in Kent to worldwide domination: not only is Sir Martin Sorrell a shrewd operator when it comes to acquisitions, but he knows a thing or two about global business too. Here he shares....

Sir Martin Sorrell
4:28 mins
Change today not tomorrow
John Whybrow's distinguished career in the constantly changing world of electronics is built on solid corporate foundations and principles, with a long-held belief in the importance of listening to em....

John Whybrow
4:29 mins
Defining problems correctly
Sir David Varney's leadership prowess has seen him successfully steer companies as different as Shell and mm02 forward. The secret of the man equally at home in the private or public sector? Never fea....

Sir David Varney
5:06 mins
Doing the right thing
'Team Nationwide' is a subject close to Philip Williamson's heart; and living out his belief in the power of teamwork has certainly served him to good effect throughout his career. Ethical business is....

Philip Williamson
4:31 mins
Driving change
Healthcare development, poverty eradication and disaster relief logistics are all in a day's work for Barbara Stocking, who brings keen strategic nous to her role as Director of Oxfam GB. Here she off....

Barbara Stocking
3:26 mins
Monitor your business environment and anticipate change
Paul Skinner's forty years of experience in the extractive industries make him a force to be reckoned with. He is a man who knows a thing or two about international business. No business operates in a....

Paul Skinner
4:15 mins
Persevere in the face of adversity
A key member of Britain's marketing powerhouse, Dianne Thompson has breathed new life into tired brands and pulled off the nigh-impossible over the course of her successful and varied career. She argu....

Dianne Thompson
4:37 mins
Stick to business principles
John Whybrow encourages managers to find clarity amidst chaos by sticking to business principles. John Whybrow's distinguished career in the constantly changing world of electronics is built on solid ....

John Whybrow
3:06 mins
The importance of a visible leader
Spokesman for the UK's best-known entrepreneur; caretaker of the Virgin brand; space tourism expert: Will Whitehorn is a man at the top of his game. The buck stops where? Virgin Group's Will Whitehorn....

Will Whitehorn
2:21 mins
Using emotional discipline when handling risk
This former banker, writer and photographer is equally at home in the public or private sector. The widely differing careers of James Strachan have given him a unique combination of creativity and bus....

James Strachan
2:06 mins
Find your personal communication style
A current Professor at the Haas School of Business at the University of California and a former Dean of the London Business School, President Clinton's former National Economic Advisor shares the wisd....

Laura Tyson
3:36 mins
Take ownership of your own development
A professor who has worked at the cream of global academic institutions, Jay Conger has also been extensively published and is acknowledged as a worldwide expert on leadership. Organisations often tak....

Professor Jay Conger
6:03 mins

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