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Free Blog Topics and Ideas for Blog Posts

10 free blog topics
Welcome to this week’s free blog topics. For many bloggers, coming up with blog topics can be hard. Keeping your blog fresh and interesting for readers old and new can see you hitting the blog topics wall, and often that leads to you just not blogging at all.
So, in this weekly series every Saturday, we’ll provide you with 10 free blog topics to get your mind rejuvenated.
As well as offering you some blog topics ideas, we’ll also give a short paragraph on each topic to help you get off the starting blocks. Hopefully this will give you some more ideas, if the initial titles of the post topics themselves don’t.
We’ll break the blog topics into five categories, and mix and match this as the weeks go by to try and make sure we’re not missing too many niche blogs. So – on with the topics!

Pet Blog Topics

  • Pets Really DO Take After Their Owners. Everyone’s heard the saying that pets take after their owners, but it’s usually about looks. Instead, tell us about some funny things that made you think your pet was you in an animal’s body. How your pet is around certain people, what its sleeping position is like, how it sings when you sing in the shower. Humanize your pet.
  • Why I Chose My Pet. Why did you choose the pet you have? Why not another breed? Is there a family backstory that you’ve all had the same pet? What does your choice in pets tell us about you, the person?

Pop Culture Blog Topics

  • If I Could Make the Ultimate Movie. Everyone wants to be a movie star at some point in their life. So what movie would you want to be in, and who would you play? Or what movie would you like to see made, and who would play the characters (and why)?
  • My Life as Reality TV Shows. Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, there’s no escaping reality TV shows. How does your life compare? Could you and your friends or family be Big Brother housemates? Have you survived hardships like Survivor? Or had crazy love adventures like The Bachelor or Bachelorette? Share some of your life’s best moments in the style of reality TV.

Business Blog Topics

  • Why Many Business Blogs Suck. There are great business blogs and then there are bad business blogs. Why do the bad ones suck? What makes some business blogs better than others? What examples can you give of bad blogs, and why didn’t they hit the mark? What would be your top three tips to make a better business blog?
  • Your Boss Wouldn’t Like It. What have been your most embarrassing moments throughout your working life? What mishaps have happened at Christmas parties when the drink’s been flowing? What illicit office romances have sprung up? If you’re uncomfortable sharing about you, use other examples of people you’ve worked beside (but change the names!).

Personal Blog Topics

  • The Day the Storm Hit. This can really be an open topic. It could be literally about the biggest storm you’ve ever been caught in, and how your emotions were – scared, excited, worried, helpless, etc. Or it could be a storm in your personal life, or work life. The sky’s the limit here.
  • What I Learned About Life from Star Wars. Everyone’s heard of, and maybe seen, Star Wars. So what did you learn about life from Star Wars? Did the mystic teachings of Yoda make you a calmer person? Did it make you see what’s good and bad in life? Did you learn how to kiss a girl from Han Solo’s kiss with Leia? Did you want to train yourself to be ready for anything like a Jedi?

Blogging Blog Topics

  • My Ultimate Guest Post List. Many bloggers like having guest bloggers on their blog. It’s a great way to both introduce someone new to your readers, as well as be introduced to their readers. So, if you could have anyone you want to guest post for you, who would they be, why them, and what would they write for you?
  • Why I Don’t Subscribe to Your Blog. What makes you subscribe to one blog and not another? Why does one blogger get your undivided attention while another gets the “so what” look? Give pointers on what you feel makes a blog worth subscribing to – content, voice, style, interaction, etc – and what makes you never come back.
These are just 10 blog topics to get you going on some of the more popular niche areas (although some can be used across different topics). As I mentioned at the start of the post, we’ll keep mixing the blog topics up to try and cover everyone’s needs.

See you next week for 10 more free blog topics, and feel free to subscribe to For Bloggers By Bloggers so you get each post as soon as it’s published.
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