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5 ways to guarantee success

 Most successful businesses have awareness around the five ways to guarantee success, but for businesses that fail the ‘Five Ways’ are their blind spots.

So what are the five ways and why is it so important to make sure that these ‘ways’ are part of your business plan? The five ways are broken into embodiment, passionate energy outflow, unique difference, rapid communication lines, change your mind—change your life.


All of our qualities—both excellent and destructive are embedded in our mind and body. Neuroscientists now believe we become addicted to negative emotions and beliefs. They are unconscious. In Integrative Body-Mind Psychotherapy we call this embodied character. You might also call it areas of unconscious incompetence. What are your blind spots? If you don’t make them conscious your business will fail.

Passionate energy outflow

Successful entrepreneurs and leaders are on fire with their vision. It means that (at least in the area of business) their life energy is free to flow outward. This passion is felt by everyone they meet. Many people with brilliant ideas never manifest them. They don’t connect powerfully with others because their outflow is blocked. In many instances they are suffering from suppression. Once they know this they can do something about it. No matter how controlled or self-conscious one is, once they confront their embodied suppression they can create powerful outflow.

Unique difference

Above and beyond the concept of unique selling proposition (USP), your unique difference is what your business or organisation embodies that is a profound benefit to the buyer. Write down 25 unique ways your business surpasses or is different from your competitors. This must include the unique qualities of yourself and key team members who impact the end user. Take the most important 20% (or five ways) and weave them in to your unique difference in a one page summary. Then outflow this to the market and invite them to indulge in your excellence.

Rapid communication lines

Place your unique difference onto the internet. Find as many communication lines as possible and get your outflow moving rapidly. Accelerate your communication lines with everyone. Write articles and get them published. Get press releases out every week. Be persistent. Get things moving quickly today and everyday. Look for opportunities to give free talks, or even paid talks as often as possible. Think of creative ways to increase your database including co-promoting with other businesses. Send at least one excellent newsletter per month. Once a day, ask yourself: How can I increase the quality and quantity of my outflow?

Change your mind—change your life

Neuroscientists concluded that neurotransmitters and neuropeptides in the cells of the brain and body carry old belief systems that constrict success. Quantum physicists have concluded that although we have unlimited possibilities, most people choose the same reality again and again throughout their lives.
The reason for this is that everyone’s reality is unique to them. What’s easy for one person is a struggle for another. It’s not related to intelligence or education. It’s directly connected to their subjective view of the world. Positive thinking helps but it does not change one’s unique view of the world and themselves.

Unconscious secret

The secret to lasting change is to transform wrong conclusions and postulates. Wrong Conclusions (Pierrakos) are made by all of us as children. If your parents struggled financially and said you had to work very hard to make money you may have concluded that ‘money doesn’t come easily’ or ‘I will have to work hard to survive’. Since the conclusions are deeply unconscious you are not in touch with them.
Accordingly, as an adult, when your investments or career goes flat and you feel powerless in the physical universe you will postulate (Hubbard) ‘my dreams are too good to be true’ or ‘my goals never manifest’. Does that remind you of anyone?

Robert Kirby is the Director of Energetics Institute in Paddington NSW and an Integrative Body-Mind Psychotherapist and Executive Coach.
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