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. E. G. Damigos; PhD; CMI; C.M. RINA
Senior Economist - Executive Partner - EUROPEAN CAPITAL GROUP

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How to ask for increment .
(17 Replies, 1380 Views)
Hi friends, I have been working in company from the past 1½ years. But not yet got increment. I was told may be after year I may get increment. But still no response. Can anyone suggest what I need to do.
Resignation Not Accepted by Organization
(13 Replies, 555 Views)
Greetings All, Kindly suggest the way outs if your resignation is not been accepted by the organization and your mails of resignations are not replied by MANAGER/HR/ADMIN/MD etc. What an employee need to do in that case. Regards, Suffering Employee
Zone as per minimum wages act
(11 Replies, 399 Views)
Greetings Experts! I have gone through many documents on web could not found answer. I just want to know about the ZONE Classification. what area shall come under zone 1 similarly under zone 2 and 3. Waiting for your prompt reply. -Amit
Looking out for Trainer in Communication and Presentation Skills from Mumbai only.
(9 Replies, 141 Views)
Greetings All, Looking out for Trainer in Communication and Presentation Skills from Mumbai only. Background of the organization SME manufacturing Export company based in Mumbai with staff strength of 40 persons (age group - 18 to 55 yrs) (exp level - 0.6 to 32 years), including all levels. Objectives of the session To bring in confidence while communicating and presenting To communicate effective
PF pension is not received for the m/o April.2011
(6 Replies, 376 Views)
Hi concern, Just want to know why the pension is not credit in account. account details are as under; account holder name - Mahender singh vedi Pension amount - Rs. 618 /- PF Account no - PPO 6373 Bank account no - 3058000300168701 Bank statement is enclosed for last three months. Request you to please do the necessary action and get the pension credited in my account. Thanks Sunny (son in lo
Salary Revision after confirmation
(6 Replies, 303 Views)
Sir, I need to confirm the percentage by which salary is revised after confirmation.. What is the normal practice in companies??? What shall a hardworking good performer expect??
hr material
(5 Replies, 450 Views)
hi i am looking 4 the hr study material relevant 4r the post of mt in a coal industry. regrds pooja
Salary Deduction for Startup company ?
(4 Replies, 122 Views)
Hi seniors, I am working with a startup company, and we are just 5 employees, And my boss has said that there will be deductions from our salary. so i just want to know what will be the salary deduction from my salary of 21000 PM.. As per mention in offer letter. Regards Preetika
offer letter
(4 Replies, 201 Views)
hi This is madhuri from chennai i need a sample offer letter because my bro wants to change his field, now he is working as CSE(customer service executive). he wants make a change and wants to work as designer.His manager didnt permit him to leave the job..he is asking the offer letter of new wil u send a offer letter. thanking you,
Releaving process
(4 Replies, 80 Views)
Hi, I have resigned from my current employer due to personal reasons. I have to serve notice period of 3 months. I have already completed 2 months.. Now they have assigned new task which is not related to my technology and told me to complete before re leaving. I have replied saying that it is not my technology and I never worked before. Inspite of this my Manager is insisting to complete the task

Most Popular Discussions

Resignation - what about leave balance
(3 Replies, 316 Views)
I am an employee of a Private bank since last 3.6 years, I have approx 60 Privielege leaves (P.L)credit to my leave account, I want to resign from my job, But as per our bank policy an employee should serve 90 days notice period, and neither the P.L are encashed. Therefore, request you to kindly suggest If I resign from my job Will I have to serve a notice period of 90 days, And if I serve a notic
The industrial disputes act, 1947
(1 Replies, 268 Views)
Hi Friends, I would like to know that to which company THE INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES ACT, 1947 is applicable. The defination of employer speaks only of governmental and local authority. Regards, CS Mukesh Tank
Performance Evaluation Software Specialised for 5* Hotels?
(2 Replies, 225 Views)
For a 5* hotel, do you have any recommendation for a software can maintain excellent system of performance evaluation?
Specialist Officers Recruitment in ANDHRA BANK
(0 Replies, 185 Views)
Specialist Officers Recruitment in ANDHRA BANK | Lazy Student
Professional degree in industrial relations and labour laws
(0 Replies, 174 Views)
Hi, I have 4 years of experience in HR. I wish to obtain a professional degree or certification in "Industrial relations and labour laws". Are there any correspondence courses available from college/university of repute? Regards, Gurinder Kaur
stationary, mailroom, ala coincerge format
(0 Replies, 145 Views)
Hi, Can Anyone help how to mnage stationary stock and how to maintain mailroom & ala coincerge and also some cafeteria handling suggestion..
How am use the job portal
(2 Replies, 108 Views)
Greetings seniors pls told to me how am use the job portal like nakuri or other for the recruit the candidate . because my company want to recruit some candidate for marketing am the hr executive of the company but i have no idea how am use the job portal to adverting of job pls help me thanks anjna sharma
legal formalities for HR-placement Co Pvt ltd
(0 Replies, 107 Views)
What are licenses, legal formalities to start a new pvt ltd company for a Hr & placement?
L-1 Visa - Employee Citizenship Different from Branch Office Country
(0 Replies, 98 Views)
Hello, We have an employee who works at our branch office in the UK, but he has Canadian citizenship. We're trying to bring him to the U.S. on an L1 Visa. Is there any rule barring him from eligibility if he is not a citizen of the country our branch office is located? Thank you very much! Mike
Memorandumof Understanding
(0 Replies, 95 Views)
Hi, I'm a IT Freelancer and i would like to have a format of MoU. Can anybody share it with me. You can mail the format to my email address saleeshsamuel(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Bank statement.pdf
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Bank statement.pdf
Hi concern, Just want to know why the pension is not credit in account. account details are as und[..]
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Hi Brinda, I am Aparna our Vice President Mr. Ragesh is a trainner. He conducted En number of traini[..]
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hello i also need a questionnaire on the same topic i got some questionnaire but it was on training [..]
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