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Posted by Dr
. E. G. Damigos; PhD; CMI; C.M. RINA
Senior Economist - Executive Partner - EUROPEAN CAPITAL GROUP

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Attrition - Employees working in Night Shifts
(9 Replies, 230 Views)
Greetings Seniors, We are facing attrition every month in the team which works in Night shift. This has reached to a stage that the team looks like a bucket with a hole. Pleases suggest How to find out why this is happening ... And if we already have some practices in the industry to Stop this or at least minimize the rate. Regards, Neethu
How to survive in stress full environment
(9 Replies, 513 Views)
Greetings all, I am fresher having couple of months experience in a reputated company but here work environment is monopoly based. Work culture is very poor and all senoirs try every time to demotivate their sobordinates and do boss management I am very stressed how to survive this kind of cullture and help them to reduce it. Please suggest something what to do ?
Employer troubling in notice period
(7 Replies, 179 Views)
I am working in a small software company and I am serving my notice period. I had mentioned the notice period of 1 month in my resignation but they are adamant on the notice period for 2.5 months(Company has 3 months notice rule). Since the start of my notice, they are over burdening me with work. The work culture here is very bad which is the reason I want to leave as there have been many cases i
HR Audit
(7 Replies, 248 Views)
Greetings Seniors, Can anybody throw some light as to what is HR Audit. And how is it done. Would be of great help to me if you can guide me on the same. Regards Indrani
Is there lot of scope in HR field these days.
(6 Replies, 347 Views)
Hi There, How are you All I am Narsing This year i have enrolled for the part time mba i have 3 years working experinces in BPO techinal support , 10 months in IT. I am planning to do my MBA specilisation in HR and International bussiness management. If I start working in the field of HR ( I have start working from the scartch bottom in the HR field.) Is there lot of scope in HR field these days.
Retrenchment Compensation payment problem
(6 Replies, 273 Views)
Greetings Sir As per ID act retrenchment compensation payable 15 day for every completed year of services. we are paying salary to staff for 30 days & 26 days to worker, Is is possible we can pay e Retrenchment compensation for 15 days(30/2) to staff or 13 days (26/2) to worker? Pls enlighten on query. Regards Sacheein
Is TL in BPO right option - Need Help and Suggestion
(6 Replies, 142 Views)
Hi, I am Saravana Kumar from bangalore, & from Monday 06/06/11 I am joining as Team Leader for a Bangalore Based BPO Company. so i need all seniors suggestion and help.. mainly. in what way i be a good TL? plz reply me.. Thanks Regards Saravana Kumar
DOCUMENT- Supervisory Development Program
(5 Replies, 236 Views)
Greetings All Enclosed here the document titled on Supervisory Development Program
Need a Advice seniors
(4 Replies, 47 Views)
Greetings Friends Hope you are all doing well...I have a Doubt which I can Post it here for effective solutions..I am Presently residing in South India...My question is "IS IT EFFECTIVE TO LEARN MBA IN DISTANT MODE????"..I have heard from Many that Regular MBA has more scope than Distance Mode...I was confused Please help me in this regard...If I can Pursue MBA in distant Mode which university is
(4 Replies, 190 Views)
What is the process for application of gratuity for an Employee?

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Management Perception & Reality
(3 Replies, 804 Views)
Hi All HR We are enclosing herewith some reality of the most company.We always say that be positive but we have to face some bitter reality in real life. So You may like it and have some good lessons. Do write your opinions and your experience too.
Innovative Hiring Metrics For Talent Acquisition
(1 Replies, 420 Views)
Hello Professional HR & Business Veterans, Please find attached a very inspiring entrepreneurial lesson on Talent Acquisition i.e. Innovative Hiring Metrics for Talent Acquisition.
Indian Railway Network - Map
(1 Replies, 362 Views)
Greetings All, With this attachment you will have almost enough Idea regarding Indian Rail Network. This may help to those who have frequent travelling job or enjoy as a hobby. Regards, Sunil
Payroll Software
(0 Replies, 314 Views)
Anybody requiring payroll software please visit the following website
Poisnous snakes at work place
(2 Replies, 245 Views)
This is a new topic which is started to highlight some of the facts and myths of Snakes which are increasing being seen an work places all over..I hope this small PDF will help .
Need help with Sabbatical Policy
(2 Replies, 232 Views)
Hi All, I am an HR Professional and looking at help with Designing Sabbatical policy for my organisation. We are a Solutions company with a size of 500 employees in Bangalore.Can anyone share the criteria or any guidelines. Maya
Good Pay Structure
(2 Replies, 227 Views)
Hi, I am Abhishek and I don't have any HR Experience. I want a good pay structure for employees . can any body provide me a good pay structure. or Pay slip.
Format agreement between the employer and man power supplier
(0 Replies, 185 Views)
Hi, I am running a housekeeping agency and i am getting manpower from one of employee. He is supplying manpower for most of my sites. i want to have agreement with him. kindly help in this regard. Thanks& Regards, Senthil.
Induction program
(3 Replies, 175 Views)
Greetings Friends, I am designing HR induction slides for my company. Can you help me out in suggestion template/ points to be included in HR induction slides. Regards Ritu
E-Waste (Management & Handling) Rules 2011
(3 Replies, 135 Views)
Greetings friends, I am attaching copy of E-Wste (Management & Handling) Rules 2011 notified by the Government on 12.5.2011 and will be applicable w.e.f. 1.5.2012. It will apply mainly to manufacturers and dealers of electrical/electronic components as specified in Schedule-I. Regards,

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HI, I think this helps will help you.[..]
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HI, I think this helps will help you.[..]
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E-Waste (Mgmt & Hand
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How to Win a Client
Hello Professional HR & Business Veterans, Please find attached a very inspiring entrepreneurial les[..]
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My Greetings Friends I like to share a PPT which i received in my mail..Hope you all like it :) Mome[..]
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This is a new topic which is started to highlight some of the facts and myths of Snakes which are in[..]
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staff evalution.pdf
Please attaching herewith staff Evaluation form. Which you will help Thanks Ms. Binal Kapadia Manage[..]
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Greetings Neera, Please see the attachment of performance appraisal which you help in your organisat[..]
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Greetings All Enclosed here the document titled on Supervisory Development Program
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Thus Spoke Mulla Nas
Hi Singa lama, I had found 225 Mulla nasuruddin stories or annectodes in the internet.[..]
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