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Posted by Dr
. E. G. Damigos; PhD; CMI; C.M. RINA
Senior Economist - Executive Partner - EUROPEAN CAPITAL GROUP

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Employer troubling in notice period
(16 Replies, 481 Views)
I am working in a small software company and I am serving my notice period. I had mentioned the notice period of 1 month in my resignation but they are adamant on the notice period for 2.5 months(Company has 3 months notice rule). Since the start of my notice, they are over burdening me with work. The work culture here is very bad which is the reason I want to leave as there have been many cases i
Is it imp to call sir for Senior's
(14 Replies, 263 Views)
Greetings All, I cm working in Medi Fir as Sr.Executive HR.I am independently Handling mumbai team. In our org one sr manager finance got promoted as CFO defaulty. We used to call him by his name,because he is very arrogant & lots of attitude.dont know how to speak with female employee. He will never give us any mail regarding his leave and comp offHe directly send it to Delhi office.He call me u
MBA in distant learning mode or regular - Need a Advice seniors
(8 Replies, 180 Views)
Greetings Friends Hope you are all doing well...I have a Doubt which I can Post it here for effective solutions...I am Presently residing in South India...My question is "IS IT EFFECTIVE TO LEARN MBA IN DISTANT MODE????"..I have heard from Many that Regular MBA has more scope than Distance Mode...I was confused Please help me in this regard...If I can Pursue MBA in distant Mode which university is
Monthly return PF (12A, Form 5 & 10)
(6 Replies, 172 Views)
Hi, Is there any one please help me on the below topics When we will submit month return by 25th of the following month using Form 12A along with Form 5 & 10 (if applicable) and a copy of challan With 12A monthly return, Have I also to submit the list of employees along with the individual contribution details of employee as well employer (PF, EPS & EMP-PF)? Please also tell me whether the month r
Leave Travel Allowance
(5 Replies, 96 Views)
I need Clarification and What is meant by LTA and to Whom it is Applicable. If only manager cadre and also Executive cadre it is applicable. Can i Know the Salary particulars for whom the Leave Travel Allowance is applicable. With Regards B.Sreenivasa Rao
Why should we open H.R. Department ?. Palease Advice
(5 Replies, 127 Views)
Greetings H.R. Fellows, I want to take a valuable advice from you on the following matter: H.R setup does not exit in an organization. The management of that organization wants to open HR department and calls a candidate for interview for the post of Manager H.R. The director of the company asks the following question to the candidate: 1- why should we open H.R department and what will we get mone
Soft Skill Module Required
(3 Replies, 46 Views)
Greetings All , I am intrested in soft skill module on varied topic having complete kit with complete session flow , Module , Activities along with Video . Pls contact me @ 9910007854 or mail me at for further discussion. Looking forward for your prompt reply . Regards Prashant Keshav
Pay Slip please
(3 Replies, 110 Views)
Hi all, My ctc is 5.5 lac, which means my salary is around 46000. Could someone help me out with a payslip for the same? Thank you Regards Noel
E-Waste (Management & Handling) Rules 2011
(3 Replies, 264 Views)
Greetings friends, I am attaching copy of E-Wste (Management & Handling) Rules 2011 notified by the Government on 12.5.2011 and will be applicable w.e.f. 1.5.2012. It will apply mainly to manufacturers and dealers of electrical/electronic components as specified in Schedule-I. Regards,
Gratuity Calculation
(2 Replies, 30 Views)
Hi to All, How to calculate Gratuity and those who are eligible for gratuity. Can you explain it. Venkat.

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Poisnous snakes at work place
(2 Replies, 392 Views)
This is a new topic which is started to highlight some of the facts and myths of Snakes which are increasing being seen an work places all over..I hope this small PDF will help .
How to Win a Client and Keep him Forever
(1 Replies, 201 Views)
Hello Professional HR & Business Veterans, Please find attached a very inspiring entrepreneurial lesson in ET on Relationship Management i.e. How to Win a Client and Keep him Forever.
employee background checks
(2 Replies, 160 Views)
if u dont want to disclose ur previous employments detail and start in as a fresher in a diff co. can i kno if der s any new way by which the new employer can catch me?????
Business Proposal format
(1 Replies, 156 Views)
Greetings all, We are running a small software company in Madurai.We would like to have some sample Business proposal formats for an Inventory software.We are looking forward for your ideas and suggestions. Regards, Q Point Infotech team
Transfer of PF from my previous organization where i stayed only for 3 months
(1 Replies, 97 Views)
Hi, I have worked in a company X for 4.6 years and transferred the PF to organization Y.But i left the organization in 3 months after i resigned in Y and joined Z.I requested for the PF withdrawal from the organization Y since all my PF amount was accumulated in Y.But the withdrawal request was rejected as i stayed there only for 3 months.Now can i transfer the PF to my PF account in Z or is there
Latest Salary Design structure
(1 Replies, 90 Views)
Greetings all, i am latha joined in NGO and working as a HR Executive. i need to design the salary structure here. can any one please guide me on PF, ESI, PT deductions and salary break up please. Thanks in advance. Regards latha
Project ON HR related to Education Industry
(0 Replies, 71 Views)
Respected All, Plz suggest me the topic of project on HR related to education industry as i am working in an education department. Plz sugest the topic, the details how to present a project, the questionnaire and all other info to be included in the project. Regards
Learn Comp & Ben
(1 Replies, 52 Views)
Greetings all, I have recently moved in to HR function & am clueless about how to start learning the Comp & Ben, which is an important part of my JD. Pls advice if there are any books for beginners to understand the practical salary components, their calculations, norms etc. Any website or any way that can help me understand better. Thank you. Sml.
statutory of HRM
(0 Replies, 47 Views)
Hi I would like to know about all statutory part of hrm and please explain the details about all pf and esi and gratuity forms and its usage. Regards Lavanya.Ch
Hospital management
(1 Replies, 44 Views)
Greetings Friends. Is there any hospital management group. I need to discuss some hospital management activities.

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Greetings all, plz find material handleing ppt attached. hope this will be useful. Regards, Hansa Vy[..]
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pf registration.pdf
Hi Pl find attached herewith the form for PF Coverage. Rgds Murthy (Payrolls, PF, ESI, PT & Labour C[..]
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Greetings All, 5th June is WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, hence attached `letter from nature regds, c.m. pr[..]
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Business Proposal -
HI, I think this helps will help you.[..]
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HI, I think this helps will help you.[..]
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E-Waste (Mgmt & Hand
Greetings all, Attachment was missed. Pl see attached file... Thanks[..]
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How to Win a Client
Hello Professional HR & Business Veterans, Please find attached a very inspiring entrepreneurial les[..]
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My Greetings Friends I like to share a PPT which i received in my mail..Hope you all like it :) Mome[..]
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This is a new topic which is started to highlight some of the facts and myths of Snakes which are in[..]
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staff evalution.pdf
Please attaching herewith staff Evaluation form. Which you will help Thanks Ms. Binal Kapadia Manage[..]
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